Energy poverty when a new winter is just around the corner

Under the indications of the ECAS platform, Catalan Organisations for Social Action, the Gabinet d'Estudis Socials has just drawn up a report about energy poverty in Catalonia that not only analises the present situation when a new winter is around the corner but deals as well with the difficulties attached to the measurement of a complex phenomenon which is not well definet yet. You can read at


Explotació laboral dels immigrants

En el marc del projecte SELEX, l'Agència de Drets Fonamentals de la Unió Europea acaba de publicar un informe-resum en diferents llengües. Pel que fa a l'espanyol, vegeu


Come Forward!

GES is a member of a transnational team that in the framework of a project selected by the Directorate General of Justice of the European Commission will work between 2016 and 2018 to reinforce the capacities of the civil society, of public institutions and of the very victims in order to increase the number of complaints against hate crimes on homophobic and transphobic crimes in a number of European countries. The project's name is Come Forward!


Freedom to conduct a business

The Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA) has just published a report about the creation of businesses in the European Union which the same as with other other previous reports from the same Agency about issues related to fundamental rights collects the contributions of the different working teams that the Agency has in the different Member States. In the case of Spain, the FRA's report points out as an obstacle against the full use of this right the difficulties to access to financial capitals as well as the increasing trend towards the creacion of microcompanies in a context of economioc crisis, a process which also encounters its own difficulties, amog which the existence of horizontal and vertical discrimination. The report also identifies the specific difficulties which migrants encounter when trying to create enterprises of their own and the problems to guarantee the right to the freedom to oonduct business at the courts. See the full report here:  


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