The management of cultural diversity in the small and medium enterprises-The EUDIM final report

The transnational project EUDIM, of which the Gabinet d'Estudis Socials has been one of the partners, has published its final report about the management of cultural diversity in the small and medium-sized enterprises in the participating countries. Its main findings have been:

  • The enterprises see the management of cultural diversity as a tool to reinforce their market position because it favours the use of the varied skills derived from different cultural origins.
  • The management of cultural diversity is an element of promotion of creativity in terms of business management.
  • The extension oif intercultural competencies must go hand in hand with intercultural mediation.
  • The benefits derived from the management of cultural diversity are particularly remarkable when it concerns the top posts in the management chain.
  • The linguistical barriers derived from different cultural codes appear as the main obstacle against a good management of cultural diversity.
  • These and others barriers (burecraucy, lack of expertise, etc.) impact more small and medium-sized enterprises than larger companies.
  • Sometimes in small and medium-sized enterrprises the problems in intercultural communication are erroneously diagnosed as personal problems.
  • The appointment of a cultural diversity manager is revealed as a key decision.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises are making progress in the management of cultural diversity, particularly in termes of a greater valoration of non-conventional skills and knowledge.

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International conference against female genital mutilation

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The implementation of a SROI analysis

The Fundació Campus Arnau d'Escala and the Gabinet d'Estudis Socials will jointly carry in 2016 an analysis of the social impact of the Fundació Tutelar de les Comarques Gironines based on the SROI methodology, which consists of drawing up a map of the social impacts of an organisation and to convey to all of them an economic value until reaching a figure summarising the global impact in relation to the investments made. 


A diagnosis on internal diversity

The CEPAIM Foundation has contracted GES to carry out a diagnosis on the situation of the management of its internal diversity as a previous step to elaborate a Management Plan


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