GES wants to be:


• Being a company leader at European, national and regional levels in the varied areas of social research, combining innovation and the knowledge accumulated from the point of view of both subjects and methodologies, and in the provision of services related to evaluation and counselling in the field of social policies and social services.

• Providing a quality training that contributes to professional and human development, and facilitates a better understanding of complex social relations in today’s world.

PRESENT... • Being constantly present in the areas of research and evaluation at European, national, regional and local levels, in order to facilitate innovation, the transference of knowledge and practices and networking.

• Publishing and disseminating the findings and conclusions of the studies and research we carry out, through the existing channels of dissemination.


• Promoting the commitment with the society and the co-operative values and working for a fairer, more solidarity-based and sustainable world, in accordance with the principles and practices laid down in our Social Responsibility Plan.

• Teaming up with social entities whose work is to improve the life condition of individuals and groups of people in a situation of social disadvantage.


Gabinet d'Estudis Socials (GES), c/Aragó 281, 2n. 2a. 08009 BARCELONA
Telf.: (+34) 93 487 38 16 Fax: (+34) 93 215 88 15