Guiding values


INTERNAL DEMOCRACY Decisions are debated and agreed on by consensus in partners’ assemblies, which are the collective body with the highest power.

PERSONAL AUTONOMY The autonomy of partners and workers is favoured from both the point of view of the organisation of their work and their working day and the involvement in collective tasks.

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Personal self-autonomy is compensated by responsibility, in terms of both professional development and in their contribution to meeting the needs of the organisation.

EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY The implementation of an active policy of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity between men and women.


CUSTOMER-ORIENTATED Our work is inspired by customers’ needs and is geared to their satisfaction, by establishing mechanisms of dialogue and monitoring that allow feedback between our professional team and customers.

QUALITY OF THE SERVICE Quality is the basis of the services we offer, as this is the best way to serve our clients and society at large.

CULTURE OF CO-OPERATION We belief that co-operation is the best way to advance in the construction of a fairer society, and to achieve better results in our professional task.

COMMITMENT WITH PEOPLE The development of and support to people, especially those who are addressed by social policies, but also the professionals working in this field.


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