The elderly

Since its participation in the elaboration of the White Paper of Old Age in Catalonia (1987), GES has been active in this area, which has been recently reinforced due to demographic ageing in Europe. In this regard, GES has focused on studies about the needs of this population, for instance in the Catalan area of la Garrotxa and in a Catalan municipality (La Jonquera).

The elderly have also been present in one of the most important transnational researches GES has been part of in recent years, innovative relational services in Europe. GES has also carried out evaluations of the restoration of dwellings inhabited by old people that the APIP Association undertakes. It is also worth mentioning that the transnational project European Generation Link, described in the youth field in this web, tries to establish a bridge between the young and the old generations.

GES' most recent contributions to the knowledge of the situation of the elderly have been a) its participation in a transnational project called ADEL and promoted by the Volskwagen Foundation about the legal protection of dependant individuals on grounds of a psychical or mental disability and/or legally incapacitated, a great deal of whom are old people; and b) an estimation made on the domiciliary and specialised care services the Catalan area of the Pla de l'Estany should develop between 2009 and 2029.

One of the most recent projects in which GES has participated in relation to this population is the RePlay project, whose aim is increasing the active participation of the elderly citizens in the democratic processes in the European Union, in the framework of the "Europe with Citizens" Programme.


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