Children and young people

In this area, GES is the author of the Survey on the Catalan Youth published in 1991 by the Catalan Government. Another major step has been the long work with the “European Pole of Social Economy Foundations”. GES has also participated in the framework of the URB-AL, with a research focused on the participation of the excluded youth. Furthermore, GES has been involved in three European projects focused on young people: "Golden Goal", "European Generation Link" and "Love Language!".

In recent times, in the framework of its regular cooperation with the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union, GES has taken part in the three stages of a research focused on the experiences of children who have been involved as victims, witnesses or parties in civil or criminal procedures. The aim of this research is to detect what aspects of the children's relationship with the justice system should be modified in order to make it more child-friendly and also to preserve the best interest of children.


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