The labour market and trade unions

This is another of the action fields of GES. From the very beginning, when we worked on an analysis about the labour force in Catalonia (1984) and we undertook a number of “working instruments” about long-term unemployment, dismissals, vocational training, integration enterprises, etc. In this field, GES collaborated in several issues of the magazine “Món Laboral”, which was edited by the Labour Department of the Catalan Government, and participated in the European programme ERGO about the combat against long-term unemployment. In addition,  GES was correspondent of the monthly magazine European Industrial Relations Review (EIRR).

GES has also been responsible for a study about the over 45-year old population and employment in the areas around the town of Girona and of an evaluation study about the European Social Fund's contribution to employment in the European Union urban areas. GES has also worked for the Labour Department of the Catalan government in the monitoring and validation of a programme called "Projecta't", aimed at the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Its more recent contribution relates to its participation in a trananational research on precarious work and social rights.

In the specific area of trade unions, GES has collaborated with USO and USOC: surveys to shop-stewards, training courses, studies and articles, etc.


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