The third sector

As a cooperative, a legal status it achieved in 1987, GES has been linked to the third sector. In this regard, it has collaborated with the Catalan Agency for Co-operative Promotion and Training; it has carried a number of studies; and has had regular contacts with other organisations belonging to the third sector in and out of Catalonia, etc. Also in this regard, GES was part of five transnational projects within the framework of the Community programme Third System and Employment; was correspondent of the Aries network (social economy) and of the Vita Europe network; and it was a member of the transnational project Conscise, devoted to measuring the contribution of social economy to the local development in Western Europe.

GES has also worked for the housing co-operative related to the trade union USOC, for which it has organised two seminars about housing co-operatives (2000 and 2004).


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