Current European Projects

At the European level, GES work has been mostly focused on its regular with  the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA). With a very extended field: from the initial annual reports on racism and discrimination, with thematic studies and case studies, discrimination of all kinds has become the central brand of the reports requested and issued. And from discrimination as the central strand to a much wider perspective based on human rights. This is the reason for GES to have participated in recent times in research for the FRA in relation to topics as the violations of data protection; the attention services for victimes of crimes; the impact of the economic crisis on gender equality; the preservation of children's rights in their relation with the justice system; the LGBT population; and the severe labour exclusion of migrants and their possibilities to access the justice system.

In recent times, and with other partners and customers, GES has also been taking part in two transnational studies on precarious work and forced work in the European Union; on the fight against trafficking in human beings; on new poverty; on the combat against female genital mutilation; and on the management of cultural diversity in Spanish small and medium-sized companies.


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