Historical Europe Projects

Although the information summarised next can also be found in other sections within this website (reports of activities, curricula), we have thought useful to gather here a brief account of the most significant European programmes and projectes GES has participated in through its history. We distinguish between programmes and projects according to the fact that our role has dealt with the programme itself or if we have participated in several projects within their framework; or has consisted instead of the management of projects of ourselves selected in the framework of a number of programmes, but without globally influencing on the latter. Regarding the first possibility (action on the programme),  our work, as we will see next, has focused on the evaluation of a programme as a whole or on the evaluation of some projects selected in its framework.



  • European Social Fund (2009-2010): El GES evaluates the European Social Fund's contribution to employment creation in urban areas.
  • Grundtvig (2005-2008): GES takes part in three projects within this EU programme: Golden Goal, focused on the use of sport to motivate young adults with a school failure background to adquire basic linguistical and numerical skills; Love Language!, aimed at engaging young men in the learning of foreign languages; and European Generation Link, regarding the transmission of migration-related experiences lived by old people to today's youngsters and the creation of a virtual library with such stories.
  • European Social Fund (2005-2006): GES co-operates in the co-ordination of the evaluation of the European Social Fund's support to economic change and restructuring.
  • Equal (2002-2006): GES evaluates a number of projects within this initiative.
  • European Year Against Racism (EYAR) (1997): GES co-ordinates the evaluation of the activities carried out in its framework.
  • Ex-Offenders (1996): GES evaluates the initiatives selected within this programme for the reintegration of ex-prisoners.
  • Horizon (1995-1997): GES monitors and/or evaluates a number of Catalan and Spanish projects.
  • Poverty 3 (1990-1993): GES plays the role of the Research Development Unit dealing with counselling the four Spanish projects that were selected and publishes a newsletter called "Crónica de Información Social".
  • ERGO (1990-1991): Programme against long-term unemployment where GES plays the role of both correspondent and evaluator.


  • Undocumented Worker Transitions (UWT) (2006-2009) (6th Framework Programme), focused on the collection of evidence regarding the transitions and changing processes experienced by undocumented migrants in Europe in terms of legal estatus and kinds of jobs.

  • Equalising Care in a Changing Society (2007): Participation in this project aimed at achieving a more balanced distribution between men and women of the tasks related to the care for dependant individuals.
  • Innovative Relational Services (IRS) (2002-2005): Participation in this project within the 5th Framework Programe of Research, Technological Development and Development focused on looking for innovation in the so called relational services (childcare, domiciliary help for the elderly, domestic help and services for collective social life).
  • Smiling (2003-2004): Coordination of this project regarding skilled migrants' integration into the labour market.
  • Marginalia (2002): Participation in this projected dealing with extreme poverty (prostitution, migration and addiccions).
  • Conscise (2000-2001),Participation in this project selected within the 5th. Framework of Research, Technological Development and Demonstration and focused on the contribution of social capital to social economy with a view to reinforcing local economic development in Western Europe.
  • Indico-3 (1998): Participation in this project selected in the framework of the programme Third System and Employmentjoining social ecomomy and mass media.

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