Human rights

The human rights perspective has always been manifestly present in the research activities carried out by GES regarding the living conditions of the populations that have been the subject of their studies. With the transformation, some years ago, of the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) into the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA), two institutions with which there has been a continuous relationship since 2001, this perspective has obviously broadened.

From then onwards, and under this generic heading ("Human Rights"), quite a number of issues have been researched for the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union: Redress mechanisms in data protection violations; attention services for victims of crimes; the protection of children's rights in their relationship with the legal system; the sitruation of the rights of the LGBT persons as seen by policy makers, police agents and officers, teachers and health staff;  and the freedom to conduct business in Spain.

But it is with the creation in 2008 of the Human Rights Observatory of the city of Barcelona by the Department of Civil Rights of the Barcelona town council, a tool of which GES is appointed as the technical body, that this dimension of human rights becomes a specific research category and achieves the greatest range with the elaboration of annual reports mostly focused on the human rights situation in the city of Barcelona. The website of the Observatory is:,4022,259064949_760152251_3,00.html. 

At present, GES is a partner of a transnational project (THB) focused on the combat against the trafficking of human beings through a tool as corporate social responsibility. GES' participation has resulted in the elaboration and publication of a report dealing with the trafficking of human beings aimed at providing with an easily exploitable labour force agricultural enterprises in Spain. See the report here:

More recently, GES has also become a member of a transnational project focused on raising the rights of the elderly and on the improvement of the services addressed to them.


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